Why do most Safety professionals fail?

Why safety officers are overloaded in their home countries and why 90% of those candidates go jobless or work for poor salaries?  Answered below:

The first answer that needs to be understood is the lack of Quality. We want quality, not quantity. I will explain the main reason behind this. 90% safety students in India are not adequately educated. Many don’t have any graduation, and some of them have not even passed 12th grade. Then they straight away enter a one-year safety diploma courses. Safety institutions are giving this so-called diploma with a15 or 30-day class. So basically it’s just a 1-month course, and the certificate comes to hand within a year. You don't require any skill to pass this exam. Even if you write straight wrong answers, they still give you a pass mark because in most of the cases the institutions itself are evaluating these papers. The institutions want business, so they offer a pass mark to all students. Even if you don’t write the exam, they may still provide the diploma certificate. That’s why we can argue that the quality is pathetic (Not all, but mostly).

Who may be the real culprit behind this?

One could suggest that Safety institutions are the main culprit. What they purely want is business. They brainwash the young students/Unemployed by telling that just 10th or 12th grade with any Diploma you can become safety professionals in an overseas country and can earn a vast sum. So those students deem that he/she can become a wealthy individual shortly, but hardly notice that they are being cheated as no good companies hire low-quality safety practitioners.

What should I do to become a quality safety officer?

This question now tingles the brain of an individual who read the above information.


Raise your standards


If you want to become a Quality safety professional, The first thing you needed is a quality regular degree preferably technical or science. Then do NEBOSH level 3 or Level 6 which is the only internationally recognised certification, which is accepted by Middle-east and some other parts of the world. NEBOSH examination system is not be like, pay and take another useless safety diploma. It can only be qualified by proper knowledge. You also need good English written and verbal skills along with excellent presentation skills. The irony is that 95% of safety professionals out there can’t even speak, read or write English correctly. Just see the odds how can they become safety officers. Think before you act.

Then what is the solution?

Dear candidates. Come to the safety field only if you have the skills. Let me tell you again; you will never get a good job with poor quality and abilities. You may get some job in local companies for inadequate salaries, which won't do any good for you other than wasting your life.

What is the proof?

For example, open the LinkedIn and search for good companies and their safety professionals. E.g. Qatar Petroleum, KOC, KNPCC, ADNOC, You will see their skills and qualifications in their profile. They are making huge salaries because they are highly skilled, highly educated safety officers/safety engineers. Most of them are B.Tech, Mtech, Msc, NEBOSH IGC, NEBOSH Idip, Grad IOSH, CMIOSH candidates.

I have never seen a 10+2 candidate working in these companies mentioned above. Why? No good companies will allow you without a substantial degree. They want highly skilled candidates.

The post is not to demotivate any students; this is to let you that you will struggle in your life if you don't have the required skills. First of all try to find what is your skills and choose studies, profession according to that. Don't come straight into the safety field by hearing the words of safety institutions or any other peer groups.

All the best.

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