About Us

If you are in love with Safety and unhappy to see a hazard lying around, you’ll feel home here. Because there is nothing greater than that of a committed HSE professional for a website which speaks of Safety.

Our Story

We entered the field of safety with no so thing called knowledge or guidance.

We wish the budding invaluable safety professionals shouldn't go through the same phrase that we have been through, simultaneously we would love to meet like minded Safety practitioners and spread the knowledge.

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Meet the Team

People behind our website HSECircle.

'We are as strong as our weakest link'- from there came the idea of HSECircle. 

Three of the site's strongest links are below:


Vihari Dhulipudi

Administrator & Author

HSE Professional with sound knowledge and experience in the field of safety with HAZOP and safety training as a cardinal. Worked with Manufacturing, Construction, Oil & Gas and Radiation Safety sectors respectively.



Rahul Chuhan

Editor & Co-Author

HSE Advisor with a good understanding of safety and its integrity into the organisation. Keen knowledge in Hazard identification and mitigation process. Worked with Construction, Oil and Gas.


IT Professionals

Young and energetic IT geeks, Information technology is all that ever gets into their brains. The designer of HSECircle. Owner of www.evenidontknow.com


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