Along with Radiation Experts cum Scientists

Working on Radioactive elements Safety


Performed the activity along with two Experts who are renowned Scientists in the field of Radiation from Atomic Research in India (BARC)

Provided Radiological characterization of the faulty gauge by using:

a) Estimation of gauge’s surface contamination (Bq/cm2) for gamma and beta channel, using ISO standard related protocol

b) Estimation of surface dose rate and dose rate on 1 m (mSv/h) using ISO standard related protocol for measuring ambient dose rate.

c) Conclusion on the possibility to resize the gauge should be based on technical grounds supported by a report on the gauge examination, and/or available technical documentation.

Safety Case developed is based on realistic Safety Assessment which is fabricated by all the recommendations and concepts from meetings and discussions chaired by experts.

Suggested methods of Disposal Assessment which shall meet FANR(Local Nuclear Regulatory Body) regulation.