Safety Professional Responsibilities


The Safety Officer is responsible for monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations and developing measures to assure personnel safety.

The Safety Officer will correct unsafe acts or conditions through the regular line of authority, although the Safety Officer may exercise emergency authority to prevent or stop unsafe acts when immediate action is required. Safety Officer responsibilities are as below, but are not confined to:

The Safety Officer maintains awareness of active and developing situations.

The Safety Officer ensures the Site Safety and Health Plan is prepared and implemented.

The Safety Officer ensures there are safety messages in each Incident Action Plan.

The Safety Officer may have assistants, as necessary, and the assistants may also represent assisting agencies or jurisdictions.


  1. During initial response, document the hazard analysis process, hazard identification, exposure assessment and controls.
  2. Participate in planning meetings to identify any health and safety concerns inherent in the operations daily work plan.
  3. Review the Incident Action Plan for safety implications.
  4. Exercise emergency authority to prevent or stop unsafe acts.
  5. Investigate accidents that have occurred within incident areas.
  6. Ensure preparation and implementation of Site Safety and Health Plan (SSHP)
  7. Assign assistants and manage the incident safety organization.


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